Mehr Wiper Blades Our Range

Mehr is a leading wiper blade specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the market, offering the most comprehensive range in the UK.

Our Range Features

Standard Conventional Blades: 11" to 28"

Stainless Steel construction. Universal hook type adaptor. 100% natural rubber. Quick and easy installation.

Spoiler Blades: 18" to 28"

A Standard Wiper blade with an added spoiler for increased downforce resulting in even greater wiping performance. 100% natural rubber.

Upgrade Blades: 14" to 28"

Flat Blades: 14" to 32"

Both a Specific fit range and a Multi fit adaptor range are available. The latest wiping technology with greater distribution and downforce for a superior wiping performance. 100% natural rubber. No joints.

Rear Blades

Plastic and steel types available, plus some complete with arms. Exact fit as OE so now complex adaptors. 100% natural rubber.

CV and PSV Blades 20" to 40"

Stainless Steel construction. Heavy duty riveted joints for extra strength. 100% natural rubber.


A full range of wiper blade accessories are available.